5G Hub

The High Tech Campus Eindhoven is the innovative engine of the Brainport region, with a global impact on the economy. Mobile connectivity is often crucial for technological progress, and 5G serves as a key catalyst to make new knowledge available to innovative organizations in the region.

The 5G Hub, a collaboration between Ericsson, VodafoneZiggo, and various partners, explores the most effective applications of 5G and how companies can leverage them optimally.

Innovation themes

In the 5G Hub, multiple organizations collaborate to delve into innovative technological applications within the telecom sector. This exploration is conducted across five distinct innovation themes:

1. Remote Reality

Enabled by 5G, this value stream seamlessly blends virtual and physical worlds, enabling immersive experiences and tele-operations, from controlling fleets of buses to managing drone swarms, fostering innovation in virtual collaboration and remote operations.


2. Sense Everything, Everywhere

This value stream leverages on the symbiosis between 5G and IoT, integrating computer vision and superfast sensor analysis to deploy a vast sensor network. This enables real-time data collection, driving business results through enhanced performance measurement and insightful big data analytics.


3. Millisecond Details

In the pursuit of precision, this value stream focuses on low-latency solutions critical for i.e. life-saving technologies, critical communications and safety inspections that require ultra-reliable and secure connectivity, ensuring every high-priority operation occurs with the utmost speed and quality.


4. Robotic Autonomy

Navigating the age of robotics, this value stream uses 5G to empower autonomous vehicles, drones, and robots. By offering a reliable fast lane to the edge cloud, it facilitates fully autonomous operations, revolutionizing transportation, logistics, and automated services.


5. Exploring 5G Frontiers

To ensure the future competitiveness of the 5G Hub, exploring the frontiers of 5G Technology is our commitment to unlocking new opportunities in the world of connectivity. This encompasses creative exploration and experimentation, pushing the boundaries to discover novel applications that redefine the potential of 5G en route towards 6G.


Partner Program

Our Partner Program is designed to assist companies in discovering and implementing innovative 5G solutions that deliver tangible benefits.

► Solution and Product Partners - If your organization has a technological solution that enriches our infrastructure and can add value to our project partners and clients, we would be pleased to explore a solution or product partnership.

► Project Partners - Does your organization have ideas where connectivity is essential? Contact us to collaborate with our team of experienced engineers to test, validate, and realize your concept.

► Public Partners & Educational Institutions - The 5G Hub can support public-private partnerships with an innovative focus. Additionally, we are eager to contribute to cutting-edge education and the talent of the future.

Become a Partner

Premium Partners

The 5G Hub was founded in 2020 by 4 parties: Brainport Development, High Tech Campus Eindhoven, VodafoneZiggo and Ericsson.


Visit the 5G Hub

We invite you to explore our inspiring space. Discover the possibilities during your visit and participate in engaging activities such as a Demo Tour, Workshops, Lectures, and Events.

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Logistical 5G robot Lotte conquers company premises and holiday parks.

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