Look-E’s Expert View Upskilling App Unleashes AI-Driven Spatial Computing

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Look-E’s Expert View Upskilling App Unleashes AI-Driven Spatial Computing

In collaboration with 5G Hub’s partners, Vodafone and Ericsson, Look-E introduces a No Code visual live labelling system, transforming the way professionals will navigate complex processes. This groundbreaking technology, utilises remote human experts and AI powered by Large Vision Models (LVMs), acts as a fast-acting upskilling tool. 

The Expert View app deploys AI swiftly, enabling seamless interaction for installation, maintenance, and repair professionals. It bridges the gap between expertise and execution, providing real-time guidance through visual cues and making knowledge instantly accessible. Imagine having a digital expert guide you through tasks via smart glasses, a powerful tool that enhances job performance by offering unparalleled support on the ground. Make knowledge available instantly that had previously come only with experience or training.

Founder and CEO of Look-E, Martijn Lukaart stated: “Our patented technology is poised to be seamlessly integrated into the next generation of wearables. When combined with the potency of the 5G mobile edge infrastructure, Look-E’s innovation promises instantaneous processing of visual data. The result is a transformative experience, enabling any noob to access a professionals’ view and apply the expert’s knowledge at the speed of thought. Now think about all cognitive tasks this technology could help perform!”

Look-E’s collaboration at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven marks a significant leap in technological advancement. According to Jan Spruijt, Head of 5G Hub at Vodafone, “This strategic alliance amplifies the commitment of Look-E, Ericsson and Vodafone to pushing the boundaries of technological advancement in the Telecom sector.” 

Join Look-E at the Mobile World Congress 4YFN area at booth 8.0B31.7 in Barcelona for a live demonstration, and witness the future of Spatial Computing and upskilling technology in action. Embrace the transformative convergence of No Code visual live labelling and Spatial Computing with Look-E.