Fontys Consultancy and VodafoneZiggo Transforming Omnichannel at Welkoop

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Fontys Consultancy and VodafoneZiggo Transforming Omnichannel at Welkoop

We are pleased to share that the 5G Hub, in collaboration with Fontys Consultancy, has successfully concluded an inspiring project for one of our esteemed clients, Welkoop. Our partnership with Fontys Consultancy, a part of Fontys Hogeschool, resulted in an engaging six months where students dedicated themselves to creative assignments closely aligned with Welkoop’s omnichannel strategy.

Omnichannel in a Nutshell: Customer-Centric Harmony

In the world of Welkoop, omnichannel is synonymous with customer-centric harmony. It’s not just a marketing term but rather a strategic approach placing the customer at the center, seamlessly integrating all channels. For the consumer, there are no more distinct channels; Welkoop forms one cohesive experience, both online and offline.

The contribution of VodafoneZiggo, a premium partner of the 5G Hub, goes beyond telecommunications services. VodafoneZiggo delivers omnichannel products bridging the physical and digital realms. The mobile phone serves as an essential link, enhancing customer interaction, facilitating payments, supporting customer programs, and enabling targeted promotions.

The Key Questions Addressed by the Students:

Essential Improvements in Omnichannel Processes: The students focused on identifying crucial enhancements in key omnichannel processes (Order to Cash), aiming for a seamless and optimal customer experience. Optimization of Customer Journeys: Through analyzing specific customer journeys at Welkoop, the students identified optimization opportunities to better cater to customer needs. Measurement of Online Channels’ Impact on Physical Stores: The students explored how the impact of online channels on physical stores could be measured and visualized, aiming to raise awareness and support strategic decision-making. Concrete Changes for Omnichannel Success: A thorough analysis resulted in recommendations for concrete changes in processes, roles, mindset, behavior, and systems to fully leverage the potential of omnichannel. Collaboration and Fusion: The students proposed guidelines to refine Welkoop’s current organizational structure, aiming to promote maturity in omnichannel thinking and working. This endeavor is focused on strengthening customer-centricity, striving for an even better overall experience.

Last Friday, January 19th, the students presented their findings and recommendations in the inspiring environment of the 5G Hub. We take pride in the success of this presentation and eagerly anticipate the implementation of the proposed improvements to further enrich the omnichannel experience for Welkoop and their customers. Together, we aim for a future where customer-centricity is synonymous with omnichannel comfort.