2022 sustainability edition

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The 5G Innovation Challenge for a better world

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Meet the Jury – Part 4

The 5G Hub Innovation Challenge Feedback Sessions will happen on May 24th and 25th at the 5G Hub. All the…


May 1st
Selection round
May 12th
Information day
the 5G Hub
May 24th and 25th
Feedback round
June 10th
Speed dates
June 29th
Final round

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to the teams’ IP rights?

eams keep their IP rights entirely. The 5G Hub believes that we can do amazing things via co-creation. Therefore, our goal is to help you further develop your idea while working together on the newest 5G applications. That is beneficial both for you and us and society as a whole.

What does your use case need to win?

We are looking for the most high-profile 5G idea or concept that will heat the discussion on sustainability. You could either be already working with 5G or have plans to deploy your solution with the technology.

Why do we promote this challenge?

We want to jointly work on the teams’ topics of expertise and combine that with our partners’ experience. By organizing this challenge, we want to stimulate innovation and support the entrepreneurial climate in the Netherlands. Together we strive to shape the future by showing outstanding applications and building a supportive ecosystem.