5G and the Future of Business

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10 mrt 2021

5G and the Future of Business

5G is here. Are you ready for it?

The High Tech Plaza and the 5G Hub join forces to bring you and your company some of the latest news on the future of business. Our goal is to offer you a peek into the 5G revolution and what this technology brings to our lives. We want you to be part of it, to learn about its applications, and, together, discover new opportunities made possible by 5G. As we think, work, and create as an ecosystem, we strive to find innovative solutions for several important social challenges.

Welcome to 5G and the Future of Business. We invite you to join our board of speakers on a journey through their latest accomplishments as they share their pathways to success. Their experiences will showcase the applications of 5G and how they have shaped their organizations, way of working, and products.

Furthermore, we invite you to collaborate with us – literally. Send your questions about 5G to info@5ghub.nl, and we will use your remarks to shape the talks of the event.

What kind of challenge could 5G solve for your business? Join the discussion. Be ready for the 5G revolution.

Fill in the registration form and join us for an inspiring, entertaining, and educational session: https://www.hightechcampus.com/calendar/5g-and-the-future-of-business