Augmented and Virtual Reality in Infrastructure, Present and Future

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17 mrt 2021

Augmented and Virtual Reality in Infrastructure, Present and Future

The webinar AR and VR in the infrastructure, Present and Future will be organized on Wednesday 17 March at 4:00 PM. On the basis of concrete examples and applications, a picture is sketched of how this technology works and what it means for the infrastructure world.

Person holding VR glasses set with both hands and smiling.

A brief description of each technique

  • With Augmented Reality, you visualize 3D models and data in the existing world. A virtual layer is added to the existing world by projecting computer-generated images onto reality.
  • Virtual Reality creates a new virtual world. You or your customer will experience this world through VR glasses, and it is interactive and lifelike. VR also offers the possibility of walking around a product with several people from multiple locations and viewing it in its actual size.
  • Mixed Reality integrates the virtual world with the existing world. Virtual objects are added to reality. With the Hololens, for example, everyone keeps their hands free, from anywhere in the world and with several people at the same time. The possibilities are endless when applying MR in infrastructure.

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See you on March 17th!