Imaging Research at the 5G Hub

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Imaging Research at the 5G Hub

By Valerie Valdez, Manu Jouad, and Sascha Maas

Last semester three students from Fontys University of Applied Sciences, Valerie Valdez, Manu Jouad, and Sascha Maas, executed a project for the 5G Hub for their course International Business Consultancy.  The students chose to dive into the topic of Imaging and to do some research about the role of 5G in the imaging market. In this article, the group tells you everything about the assignment they carried out at the 5G Hub.



Imaging is “the capture, storage, manipulation and display of images.” As Valerie explains: “We focused not only on the current cameras’ developments, but on the next trends in security applications, healthcare, and also more in general on the next expansions in imaging that the 5G Hub needs to look out for.” When people think of imaging, they quickly evoke medical imaging: X-rays, MRIs, ultrasound, etc. The challenge for the students was also to look beyond the medical field.  

The assignment 

The task for Valerie, Manu, and Sascha was to find out what the market currently looks like and how it will look like in the future. The focus was on the role of 5G in this imaging commercial context. Sascha says that “because of the power of 5G Hub’s ecosystem, we could get in touch with companies that were willing to help us. We had some great conversations with one of the founding fathers, Brainport Development, and with one of the partners of the 5G Hub, Strict.” 

To start their assignment, the students were invited to visit the 5G Hub in order to understand the technology and what makes 5G so special. They were given an explanatory tour, experienced the demos available at the Hub, and got the opportunity to make connections and ask questions. 

They started their research online and then proceeded to interview people from different companies, mainly in the Brainport Eindhoven area, in order to do proper market research. Furthermore, they wrote a report for their university introducing the problem and stating the findings.

Findings and next steps 

Finalizing their research, the students delivered a presentation on 5G Hub’s Stefan Krijnen Stage, showing their advice on which companies to work with and what trends and developments to pay attention to. As Manu mentions: “With this information, the 5G Hub will hopefully find the inspiration to begin new projects and form new cooperation with companies that are willing to make the best out of the 5G technology.”  

In their assignment, the students have been guided by Senna Kloosterman, 5G Hub’s Program Manager, on behalf of Ericsson. “The students had quite a difficult and broad challenge to tackle, and it is amazing to see how they were able to narrow it down with concrete advice for the 5G Hub,” says Senna.  

And what did Valerie, Manu, and Sascha think of it? Well, they thought it is an “eye-opening experience,” and they enjoyed the pleasant cooperation. They are heading towards the end of their education, all three of them having about a year of studies left.  

On behalf of the 5G Hub, we wish them lots of luck with the rest of their course and hope to welcome more talents like Sascha, Valerie, and Manu to the Hub soon.