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The possibilities of 5G will give business access to faster data transferring speeds and improved network reliability, but that’s not all. 5G brings latency down to single milliseconds, meaning imperceptible delays that open various possibilities and making the physical locations irrelevant. 5G not only focuses on the digital connectivity between people, but on this connectivity amongst sensors, devices, machines: The Internet of Things.
5G enables critical communication, remote control, flexibility, higher security, an automated production chain and new business models. 5G opens up new fields of application in industry because of its abilities and will be an essential prerequisite for the factory of the future.


Manufacturing companies can make use of so-called smart factories that afford better communication between the machines in the production chain and can ensure real time control. Connected equipment can create efficiencies, reduce costly delays, improve speed and have effects throughout the whole supply chain. Or think of the endless possibilities of a digital twin, which is a virtual representation of a real-world entity: this enables you to predict, forecast, or simulate possible changes in your real-world entity. From the smart factory, to smart manufacturing or smart warehouses, it will be faster, more reliable, and more secure!

Webinar the Future of Business

On March 10th, the 5G Hub promoted the webinar 5G and the Future of Business, in partnership with the High Tech Plaza. The event presented examples of successful use cases and new experiments with 5G. It also showcased how this technology can be a valuable asset to innovative companies.

Senna Kloosterman, from Ericsson, opened the event as the 5G Hub ambassador. She took the audience on a technological journey, explaining how we got from 2G to 5G and welcomed the community to reach out to the 5G Hub and its ecosystem approach. Jos Feijen, director of the music venue Effenaar, in Eindhoven, shared his knowledge about the entertainment sector, explaining how 5G can help a business stand out by powering innovative solutions. Tim Treurniet, from Studio diip/Pegamento, and Roy Smits, from PSV, shared the stage to discuss the use case currently being tested in the PSV training complex.