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Reducing carbon emissions, circular economy and the impact on society is standing higher and higher on companies’ agendas. Climate change and sustainability is becoming a priority for business and technology innovations play an important role. 5G offers an enormous potential for sustainability. It is more efficient and various applications can be used for a greener digital transformation, think of for example digital twins. Using 5G, sectors can cut costs by deploying green services like smart building and e-services. With faster and more reliable connectivity, industries can digitally transform their businesses and manufacture their products in much smarter ways.


Possible applications could be drones that improve production, sensors that monitor conditions or even monitor the health of farm animals. Or what about smart irrigation solutions, using smart meters for measurements of smart building in which energy efficiency is optimized. Other innovative energy inventories include smart traffic management technology, remote sensors to compile air quality data or smart stables that have the ability to provide a better life form its animals. It can help in protecting the environment, by using real time information to take actions in prevention from environmental hazards.