5G Hub and Ericsson deploy exclusive and unique Ericsson Private 5G network

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5G Hub and Ericsson deploy exclusive and unique Ericsson Private 5G network

Transformation is happening across a spectrum of industries. But as industrial digitalization accelerates, so does the demand for the advanced connectivity that private cellular networks can deliver. This connectivity liberates industrial enterprises to unlock the full potential of automation, control, and exponential growth. But what does that entail? In this article, we present Ericsson Private 5G and explain why it’s a game-changer for companies of all sizes and fields.

First things first: what’s a private cellular network? It’s an isolated on-premise network deployed for an enterprise’s exclusive use and unique requirements. Today these cellular networks are offered over both 4G and 5G. A 5G private network provides extra reliability, higher quality of service, more speed (bandwidth), and personalized and extended security measures when compared to a public network.

According to Juan Pablo Nieto, 5G & Mobile Private Networks Product Manager in VodafoneZiggo, customers are demanding increased guarantees and advanced managed services from mobile products. “Private Networks allow customers to obtain the benefits of mobile technologies, known for their stability and reliability, and the feature of cutting-edge self-service management. These features are mandatory for verticals that use critical communications for their business processes, as seen in manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, and utilities, among others. Mobile Private Networks provide the guaranteed layer of communications that value-added services require, such as Push To Talk, Lone Worker Protect, Critical IoT, etc.”

Ericsson’s Private 5G network

Ericsson Private 5G is a wireless networking product providing high-speed and secure 4G and 5G connectivity to accelerate your organization’s digital transformation. Ericsson Private 5G is the easy-to-order, install, and manage private network for industrial use. It has a cloud-based network management portal and a troubleshooting app built to meet enterprise Information Technology (IT) and Operation Technology (OT) users’ self-management needs while keeping sensitive data safe on site. Ericsson Private 5G enables a wide variety of industrial use cases by providing 4G and 5G, both indoors and outdoors. Management of Ericsson Private 5G is designed from the ground up to enable organizations to manage their own networks but also integrate with operator management systems if so desired. Integration with IT and OT systems is easy with an open API.

Ericsson Private 5G follows the digitalization journey of industrial companies and has a range of deployment sizes—small, medium, large, and extra-large—to match their unique situation. Organizations will benefit from seamless evolution and upgradability by starting small with a few connected devices and scaling up as their business grows.

Examples of applications and devices supported by your private LTE/5G network 
Connected worker 
Physical Security (connected CCTV) 
Building automation (e.g., inbuilding lighting and/or access control) 
Worker safety (e.g., connected helmet) 
Remote control (e.g., remote crane control) 
AR/VR (e.g., smart AR glasses for training purposes) 
Drones (e.g., for building inspection, order picking, and stock counting) 
Autonomous Guided Vehicles (AGVs) and Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) 

Source: Omdia Private LTE and 5G Networks Insight Survey Report 2020


5G Hub: the place to start your Mobile Private Network journey

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