5G Hub Innovation Challenge: this is how you boost innovation

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5G Hub Innovation Challenge: this is how you boost innovation

The 5G Hub Innovation Challenge has only winners. During the recently held second edition of the tech event in Eindhoven, six candidates presented their unique, innovative solutions, with sustainability as the central theme. And although the six teams competed for an audience and jury prize, there was hardly any competition. The teams praised each other’s solutions and forged joint plans and ideas right away. Jury winner TechBinder and audience winner Connec2 are joining forces to come up with even better tech solutions.

It was not only startups but also scale-ups that took advantage of the stage to pitch their application. From wireless laser technology, healthier cities, metaverse, energy savings on buildings, to drones for energy use monitoring; absolutely impressive.

Bram van den Boom, founder of jury winner TechBinder.

“Extraordinary to see the power of this ecosystem”

René Visser of VodafoneZiggo, co-founder of the 5G Hub, beams: “It was a success, and the pitches were of a high level. But what I especially find so special to see is the power that this ecosystem has. We literally bring parties together. That is making an impact and driving innovation.”

Bram van den Boom, founder of TechBinder, developed the Smart Vessel Optimizer together with his partner; a tool with which the energy consumption of cargo ships can be monitored in great detail. “On the basis of the data we collect, shipping companies can take actions to reduce the amount of fuel and emissions,” he says enthusiastically. Co-prize winner Bart Kok talks just as passionately about the Connect2 solution. He managed to take the audience completely into a digital metaverse. “It is a tool that allows companies to use VR, AR, and the entire spectrum in between; the metaverse is called that, or also XR,” he explains.

Not only the guys from TechBinder and Connec2 were successful with their solutions. The stage was shared with great tech talent and creative thinkers with the solutions for tomorrow. For example, CityLegends presented a tool with which they collect information from young people by means of social media, gaming, and Gen-Z techniques, in order to realize healthier cities with this data. But Aircision also impressed with their wireless laser technology for data transmission.

“Sustainable future using 5G”

Bart Kok, Connec2

Ideas of the future need connectivity of the future. In collaboration with scientists, government and companies, it is made possible to test these ideas and products in practice before they are put on the market. VodafoneZiggo is a partner of the 5G Hub and provides the technology because you need more than one network frequency. In the 5G Hub, you can experiment with 5G but also with artificial intelligence and virtual reality, leaving plenty of room for developing and discovering new solutions.

Laura van Gestel, jury member during the Innovation Challenge and CSR director at VodafoneZiggo: “In the 5G Hub, we have all possible facets of 5G. It is incredibly special and inspiring to see that our technology and the entrepreneurship shown today can contribute to a sustainable future. We reward TechBinder with a co-creation program that is supervised by the experts of the 5G Hub. VodafoneZiggo is looking forward to developing this groundbreaking idea together with all 5G Hub partners.”