5G – Connec2 takes the next step in ‘digital connection’

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5G – Connec2 takes the next step in ‘digital connection’

There are few entrepreneurs who can talk about codes and numbers with such passion and unbridled enthusiasm. When the internet was still an abstract concept, Bart Kok (40) was already as a little guy tinkering with websites at the nearby university where they had a computer (yes!). He is now successful in the tech industry and recently won the audience award with the company Connec2 during the 5G Hub Innovation Challenge.

Bart, with which innovative application did you stand on the stage?

“With our Connec2 tool that allows companies to use VR, AR and the entire spectrum in between; the metaverse is called that, or also XR.”

“I usually take construction as an example. Construction companies always make a 3D model of a project; a digital replica containing all parts of all parties that help build it, such as an architect, a contractor, and a constructor. But making such a replica is terribly labor-intensive, very inefficient, and in the end, it still doesn’t give the view you need to see if the design actually fits. With the model we have developed, people can move digitally through space, which gives a much more realistic picture.”

Are there more situations in which this tool can be used?

“Certainly, legion. It can be used in all projects related to space or spatial objects. Together with TNO and Vodafone, we are developing a tool with which we can give extra depth to digital connectivity. Take an old granny who is isolated in a nursing home – unfortunately, that happened often during the corona pandemic. In the future, we hope to be able to project her children and grandchildren on her couch with our tool. This way, you ensure that the digital connection goes one step further, and gives extra depth. We are currently investigating how we can develop and deliver this tool.”

Why is 5G necessary for this application?

“With this tool you want to be connected everywhere, even outside where there is no WiFi. There is just a lot of data behind the content we use and you need quite a bit of bandwidth for that. Certainly in industrial areas, for example, you want to guarantee the best connection. But just as important: this ‘immersive’ technology (or ‘experience technology’) must feel snappy. The smaller the delay in data transfer, the better the experience and you need 5G for that too.”

You won the audience award. What did you seduce the room with?

“I was alone on stage, but in the meantime, numerous colleagues have worked with them to introduce the audience to our platform. We took the public on a tour of our digital business metaverse, in which they were presented with various cases in construction.”

What did you notice about the other candidates?

“I was genuinely pleased to see that everyone is so passionate about their own solution. It sounds a bit corny, but in my eyes, I only saw winners that day. We have also taken the opportunity to expand our network and have already thrown out some lines for new collaborations with other candidates. What struck me, by the way, is that most parties presented a really solid marketing strategy and product justification. We are slightly different in that respect; We really started building from a dream without consciously considering the concept underpinning or marketing. But we have been working on that for half a year now.”

What price did you go home with?

“We get a number of consultancy sessions with LUMO Labs and Strict Consultancy. We have already made a start with our business and marketing plan, and it is great that we now have support for this. The timing is perfect as we are ready to scale and want to approach investors in the near future. The fact that our plans are getting even sharper is therefore excellent.”