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Over the past few months, the whole world has stood together to find practical and quick answers to a severe health crisis. Previous issues, however, are still present, and healthcare providers keep finding themselves in need, more often than not, of innovative, safe solutions.

From high-tech laboratories or kitchen table “offices,” research has continued to advance, for brilliant ideas to tackle new and old problems never stop arriving. Now, thanks to 5G’s faster, more reliable networks, science and technology professionals have the opportunity to reach unprecedented results. The Future of Health is more than a display of what cutting-edge technology will (soon) do for our health: it is the envision of a brighter tomorrow.


In the healthcare sector, 5G is representing exciting opportunities. For example, the connected ambulance case, where an expert can help the patient from a distance and safe lives in this precious time. 5G offers the possibility for remote diagnosis using detailed images and video streams that are send over the network, of telemedicine and remote monitoring technology. More and more services and applications in the healthcare depend on fast network speeds and low latency.

Webinar the Future of Health

In 2020, the 5G Hub organized the webinar ``the Future of Health``. At the webinar, different speakers presented their view on the future of health. Stefan Krijnen introduced the 5G Hub and our idea of a co-creation ecosystem around 5G technology. Our guest speakers shared different enthusiastic insights on their discoveries and accomplishments in the healthcare sector. Gert-Jan Elzinga discussed the future of hospitals. Marco Gatti tackled borderless connectivity for medical applications and simulations. Marcel Damen talked about validation and control for healthcare budgets with innovative technology. And Ioana Mereuta closed our event, bringing simulated reality to the medical field.