Imagine Live: A taste of Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2023

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Imagine Live: A taste of Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2023

Catch up with our experts and thought leaders and explore our latest innovations and demos from Mobile World Congress 2023. 

Iris Hertsenberg, Business Development Manager at Ericsson Netherlands explaining Imagine Live: “As many of our customers didn’t have the opportunity to attend this year’s Mobile World Congress, we were excited to give them the possibility to see our wonderful innovations, the latest demos, and interact/engage with our experts live during this annual roadshow.” 

Whether in the energy sector enabling vast wind and solar parks, more efficient manufacturing, or connected ports, Private Network solutions will play a crucial role in the upcoming digital transformation and green future. In the Netherlands, the partners Ericsson and VodafoneZiggo are market leaders in the field. The Mini Mobile World Congress in Maastricht was a great collaboration between the two companies as they got to demonstrate some relevant 5G use cases and functionalities. During the event, they showed the new possibilities of the current and future 5G roll-out.

VodafoneZiggo Richard Prins was one of the 5G Hub team members present at the occasion. He was impressed to see how Ericsson automated the security of the 5G network when it comes to its possible abuse, as well as the proposed automated certificate renewal. “Furthermore, there was a great demo in which they showed us the possibility of having a great fan experience of an ice-hockey game by utilizing multiple camera positions, additional play and player information, etc. Great for the (super) fans in the stadium, but also at home. All made possible by the use of 5G,” he celebrates. 

And what is this demo about? Direct sports fan engagement is an area that has great potential for clubs, given the proper application and connectivity solution. While some focus their attention on stadiums, the big potential is across the whole fan base. “The goal is to deliver the best experience wherever, whenever. 5G Slicing and Exposure APIs are key enablers for cloud service providers to deliver this experience, opening up sizeable new ‘add on’ subscription revenues based on fan base size, not stadium size,” describes Iris Hertsenberg.

Unleashing the Power of Ericsson Private 5G 

Ericsson’s Bas van Straalen presented the Ericsson Private 5G network solution or EP5G at the Imagine Live event. “At the booth, I had the privilege of showcasing how private cellular connectivity is transforming industries and driving digital transformation,” he explains. Bas praises the atmosphere, which was buzzing with innovation and excitement. For him, engaging with visitors and detailing the capabilities of Ericsson Private 5G was very rewarding. At the EP5G booth, they could see how Ericsson Private 5G is a straightforward solution that offers possibilities for both small and large enterprises, combined with the possibility of going fully dedicated, hybrid, or via local breakout.  

As Bas mentions, private networking has an offering for almost any situation, from high-speed and secure connectivity to seamless integration with IT and OT systems. “This event really showcased the close collaboration between our 2 companies and how much everybody involved wants each other to succeed,” he highlights.