5G Hub KVK Challenge

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1 Apr 2022

5G Hub KVK Challenge

How can you, together with the 5G Hub, make the world a bit better with an innovative application with the help of 5G technology?

Why is this a challenge?

5G is the next generation of mobile technology and offers many new opportunities for the digital society. With ultra-fast, robust connections and low latency, 5G will change the world.
Traditionally, mobile networks have been used to connect people. 5G is transforming the mobile network into a world full of business opportunities. We believe in realizing value through co-creation and working on an ecosystem for optimal results.
5G offers many challenges in the field of critical communication, connecting devices and people with VR/AR, edge cloud applications, and more.

Where can you contribute?
  • The (further) development of use cases that make use of 5G technology.
  • Setting up plans to bring your concept to the market.
  • Developing marketing activities to take your innovation to the next phase.
Why should you not miss this challenge?
  • You get the chance to work with the latest 5G standalone architecture. That means a fast, secure, robust connection with minimal delay.
  • Opportunities to connect to the ecosystem of the 5G Hub, High Tech Campus, Brainport Development, VodafoneZiggo, and Ericsson.
  • Access to the 5G Hub ecosystem to showcase and develop your innovative application.
  • Working on the coolest technologies of the future through co-creation!
  • Connect with 5G Hub experts and partners who have in-depth expertise.
  • Last but not least, you contribute to a better world in collaboration with the 5G Hub.

Which disciplines do we need?
  • All possible interesting techniques that can be combined with 5G technology.
  • An enthusiastic ambitious team.

Learn more and apply for the challenge on KVK’s website.

About the 5G Hub: The 5G Hub is an open innovation center. Founding partners are High Tech Campus, Brainport Development, VodafoneZiggo, and Ericsson. In co-creation, we work and make an impact on society and we realize economic growth with results.