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5G Hub’s team presents – Rene Visser 

Describing himself as very authentic, open-minded, as well as “a conceptual thinker,” VodafoneZiggo’s Rene Visser has been involved in the 5G Hub project...


The Future of Talent #3 – Levi Vlasblom

Starring this edition of our series on The Future of Talent is Levi Vlasblom. The computer engineering student started his internship at the...


Everything you need to know about 5G

Written by Kasper Baggerman, City Affairs Editor There was a lot to do about 5G in the past year. Various...


The power of AR/VR   

Being a consultant within TNO for about two and a half years, Tom de Koninck has a vast telecommunications background...


Looking back on my time at the 5G Hub

Hi there! I’m Lennart and I joined the 5G Hub as part of the execution team last April. I have a background in technology and innovation management, and I fulfilled this...


The Future of Talent #2 – Mark Baaij

The Future of Talent series presents Mark Baaij, a Computer Engineering student with a love for combining software and hardware in...