Eviden and 5G Hub partner to demonstrate the power of Computer Vision

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Eviden and 5G Hub partner to demonstrate the power of Computer Vision

Eviden, an Atos business, and the 5G Hub signed a partnership to help enterprises improve, digitalize and secure their operations. The partnership enables enterprises at the 5G Hub to experience and use Computer Vision solutions connected to different 5G architectures: Private 5G as well as Public 5G Mobile Broadband.

Computer Vision combines video analytics and AI to analyze images and video streams in real-time, to generate alerts and to create actionable information, insights and reports. Many industry segments already benefit from these capabilities. Hundreds of customers from various industries are already using Eviden’s leading Computer Vision Solution to monitor their operations, ensure security, and increase quality and throughput.

Michel Beckers, Eviden’s Client Executive Partner for VodafoneZiggo at Atos Group says: “This partnership opens new flexible deployment capabilities for customers to connect their existing cameras and digitalize their operations further. We see that 5G is capable to offer connectivity with higher and reliable bandwidth, but also increased mobility and lower latency to process images and video feeds in real-time.”

Sander van der Zande, Technology Strategy Manager VodafoneZiggo says: “Our aim with this partnership is to build new use cases to show customers how deploying reliable 5G connectivity, Edge Computing and Computer Vision can benefit their own organization. These joint capabilities allow enterprises to develop new, exciting analytics services that enable them to make better, safer, and faster decisions through data processing at the Edge.”

Physical security and manufacturing are just two of the many fields in which Computer Vision can be useful. It can show anomalies in production lines and respond to them immediately. “Manufacturing is clearly an area where the growth of video analytics is expected because of shortage of staff, increased focus on security and the need for more flexibility in production. 5G already helps to create more flexible production lines, automate the shop floor and, in this case, connect cameras wirelessly to enable computer vision, a fundamental technology that can boost several use cases,” says John Zijlmans – Key Account Manager Ericsson.

The value for Enterprises

  • There are various demonstrations and use cases with Computer Vision, three of which can already be seen and experienced at the 5G Hub, located at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven:
    1. People Counting: detects and counts people entering and leaving a designated area, without facial recognition. It showcases an automated counting and crowd management system, which can send a notification to administrative bodies immediately, when for example, full-capacity is reached.
    2. Personal Protective Equipment: detects the presence or absence of a helmet on individuals, focusing on sites where workers are required to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs). This showcases the use of Computer Vision as a means of to increase the safety of employees.
    3. Abandoned Luggage: detects unattended luggage. If someone walks into the designated area with a bag, the software will simply detect a person and the bag. An alarm is raised if the person leaves that luggage behind. This is an example of public safety and how to improve security.

As time progresses, the list of pre-configured use cases continues to grow. Many new relevant use cases emerge from engagements the partners have with their customers across the globe, helping the industries with safety, logistics, and several other challenges. Locally in the Netherlands, enterprises can turn to the 5G HUB and get first-hand experience. Kaspar van Hulst, interim Program Manager of the 5G Hub, says: “We welcome enterprises to come over and visit the 5G HUB and experience this demonstration setup. It is a platform with near-endless possibilities, and 5G connectivity enables those to be utilized anywhere. Through the inspiration of our visitors, they can start to consider the alternatives for their specific needs and possible scenarios that make sense to their operations. With the 5G Hub partners, we have all the capabilities in-house to make these ideas become a reality.”

About the 5G Hub

The 5G Hub is an innovation hub with an open ecosystem of partners that has the ambition to connect new technologies to build new innovative use cases for enterprises. It is located at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven. The 5G Hub was founded by High Tech Campus, Brainport Eindhoven, Ericsson and Vodafone Business.