TMC adds high-tech industry knowledge to the 5G Hub

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TMC adds high-tech industry knowledge to the 5G Hub

Eindhoven, June 4, 2020 – TMC has joined the 5G HUB since this month. TMC and 5G Hub consortium partners Brainport Development, High Tech Campus, Ericsson, and VodafoneZiggo have laid this down in a cooperation agreement. The collaborating parties are researching and testing the possibilities of the new 5G Technology. They also stimulate the innovative possibilities of the network.

TMC offers additional knowledge in the field of the high-tech and telecom industry; in the Brainport region but also beyond. With its diverse areas of expertise in the high-tech industry, the Eindhoven high-tech consultancy company will add domain knowledge, such as in the areas of software, mechatronics, cloud, and artificial intelligence. “We are pleased with the collaboration with TMC to further shape the relationship with the high-tech sector. TMC knows this industry and can give us valuable feedback on the desired 5G use cases and customer integration,” said Stefan Krijnen, Business Development 5G & IoT at Ericsson.

A physical location has been set up on the High Tech Campus that the 5G Hub partners can use. Here is a commercial live 5G network available for testing, both based on Dynamic Spectrum Sharing and the famous 3.5Ghz band. Much is already known about the network itself, but we can learn a lot together about practical applications within high-tech and beyond. “Internet connectivity is not new to us. The fast 5G offers new wireless and low latency options. We combine our knowledge of the high-tech industry with cloud technology and 5G expertise. This way, we can assist our customers in this technological revolution,” says Ton van den Berg, Business Development Manager at TMC.

The common goals are achieved by sharing knowledge through events and knowledge sessions within the 5G Hub. In addition, work is being done on use cases and proofs-of-concept for 5G. An example of cases on which the 5G Hub is working is the Connected Ambulance project, in which Catharina Hospital, GGD Zuidoost, and Philips explore the hospital without borders. Another example is the collaboration with Sentors, where container recognition software in logistics applications, in combination with machine learning, augmented reality, and 5G, is being developed for several segments.

“Collaboration with parties such as TMC is very important for the 5G Hub,” says Stefan Krijnen. “We will distribute knowledge among ourselves and, at the same time, make this knowledge available to the broader ecosystem. It is crucial for all parties involved to understand where the 5G network and service needs and possibilities lie so that added value is created for everyone. To realize this, we will organize several meetings with the aim of accomplishing real cases.”

About TMC

TMC is a high-tech consultancy organization founded in Eindhoven in 2000. TMC now has 19 offices in ten different countries and more than 1000 employees worldwide. TMC provides (high-tech) companies with knowledge and expertise in the fields of physics and software to nanotechnology and data science. TMC’s Employeneurship model offers technicians the opportunity to combine a permanent contract’s security with the passion of entrepreneurship. For example, our technicians work on their own projects in multidisciplinary teams to continue to stimulate their curiosity and passion for Technology.

About 5G Hub

5G Hub is a consortium of VodafoneZiggo, Ericsson, High Tech Campus, and Brainport Development. As founding fathers, the parties have rolled out a 5G Program, allowing the Brainport region to learn and experience the added value of 5G for their business operations. To this end, a location on High Tech Campus is equipped with the most recent 3.5Ghz 5G Technology, more than two years before the license auction. The consortium primarily wants to create added social value on themes such as Health, Business, Entertainment, and Talent.