PSV talks 5G with the 5G Hub during High Tech Video Podcast

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PSV talks 5G with the 5G Hub during High Tech Video Podcast

The video above and the text below is (partly) taken from the message written by High Tech Campus:

In this High Tech Podcast (video) interviewer Ingelou Stol talks to Stefan Krijnen (Ericsson), René Visser (VodafoneZiggo) and Roy Smits (PSV). (English subtitles included)

At the beginning of 2020, the 5G Hub launched at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven. This is a cooperation between Ericsson, VodafoneZiggo, Brainport Development, and High Tech Campus. Companies, startups, governments, and students can get started here with technologies such as 5G to see what can be achieved in the world of tomorrow.

5G connecting new technologies
“Eindhoven is the heart of the 5G Hub. Here are the technology companies that can make the difference. That is why it is essential to work together,” says René Visser of VodafoneZiggo. “What’s also important to know is that 5G isn’t the only technology we’re working on. We are concerned with the combination of all kinds of new technologies. So also, for example, artificial intelligence, AR / VR, or blockchain. We are working on solutions that can have a major impact on society.”

And the 5G Hub is expanding. “One of our pillars is to bring people together, but that is physically just as difficult now in this Corona time,” says Stefan Krijnen of Ericsson. “This time shows how important digitization is. Fortunately, we are very active online. We have entered into new partnerships and agreements, for example, recently with a high-tech consultancy company TMC.”

Connected ambulance
One of the 5G Hub projects is the ‘Connected Ambulance,’ a cooperation between Ericsson, VodafoneZiggo, GGD, and Catharina Ziekenhuis Eindhoven. Because every second counts in healthcare, 5G can offer a solution. “For example, ambulance personnel can stream the ultrasound from a patient on-site directly to a doctor in the hospital. That way, you can make a diagnosis on the spot and act faster.”

Why do you need 5G for this? Stefan Krijnen: “Thanks to 5G, the connection is much faster and more reliable. And that’s all-important when every second counts. ”

Football club PSV is also interested to see what 5G can mean for them. “Innovation is very important to us. We want to stay ahead and continue to do so in the future,” said Roy Smits of PSV. “You can also see that in the fact that PSV does not have a company on the shirt, but a region: Brainport Eindhoven. Brainport wants to be a world leader in knowledge, high tech, and innovation. And that is why we are also very enthusiastic about developments such as 5G.”

PSV has the ambition to look at two applications of 5G: the analysis of video images and the stadium experience via augmented reality (AR).