5G Hub and Rabobank: partners for connecting and supporting innovation

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5G Hub and Rabobank: partners for connecting and supporting innovation

5G Hub and Rabobank join forces, through each other’s relationships, connections, and expertise. Romano Herrie, Executive Director at Rabobank Wholesale NL, points out the bank’s focus on the digital transition, and its drive to contribute to the further advancement of this increasingly important part of the Dutch economy. “Just as we do so ourselves, our clients invest in innovation and digitization to capture new market opportunities and to future-proof their business. As a bank we want to support them in these transitions. In that respect, we aim to be a connector, to form coalitions and be part of and contribute to ecosystems where the digital transition happens. ”

The cooperation agreement was signed at the 5G Hub, during which representatives of both parties were present. During the occasion, some of the goals of the alliance were highlighted, such as promoting co-creation sessions; aiming to solve social challenges based on new technologies (especially 5G); and presenting applications for customers in The Netherlands, particularly in the Brainport region. ”

” 5G is a topic that is increasingly discussed in our conversations with clients across industries, because it is something that many clients feel may impact their business, or can create business opportunities. However this realization often does not yet translate into a clear 5G strategy and roadmap”.

As Herrie points out, “we, as a bank, have a lot to offer, a huge local and international network, knowledge and dedication to strengthen the digital infrastructure in The Netherlands”

Located at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven, the innovation center in The Netherlands, the 5G Hub targets to investigate what it can do to help its customers grow and achieve their ambitions. As a member of 5G Hub’s steerco, Joost Wijermars, from VodafoneZiggo, explains that 5G is all about designing and co-creating solutions for businesses and consumers: “we want to develop together to make sure we create a better world, and better, more efficient businesses for everyone.”

The aspiration is to provide a social impact alongside the ecosystem. As John Zijlmans, from Ericsson and also a 5G Hub’s steerco member, adds, “this is why I’m here at the 5G Hub: mainly, It’s the ecosystem. The technology is just the enabler.”

The partnership focuses on solutions for Industry 4.0, entertainment/media, logistics, and retail sectors. Both Wijermars and Zijlmans emphasize that a fantastic outcome would emerge from creating social welfare for the community: “we hope that companies in the region of Eindhoven will say: ‘thanks to the 5G Hub we created a benefit for our company and value for our customers.’ Then we would be very proud.” On top of that, Romano Herrie says that the establishment of meaningful connections is another means to measure the 5G Hub’s success: “connections between our clients and the partners of the 5G Hub, connections within the bank and the 5G Hub. If we establish that, I think it would be a very positive outcome.” If we establish that, I think it would be a very positive outcome.”

New insights, creative solutions, and fresh ideas, are also latent in the coalition, as Joost Wijermars says, enthusiastically: “We will co-create, innovate and inspire each other, on what 5G can mean for the world.”