Webinar The Future of Health – Highlights

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Webinar The Future of Health – Highlights

The Conference Center in High Tech Campus Eindhoven was the scenario for a brilliant set of talks on the future of health. The webinar brought a series of inspiring insights on what technology has in stock for all of us. And the role 5G will soon play in providing the means for all this innovation to take its place in the world successfully.

Webinar The Future of Health

Ingelou Stol

Envisioned by the 5G Hub and powered by HTC, the webinar The Future of Health was hosted by Ingelou Stol. On stage, a talented panel of experts shared their companies’ accomplishments in the medical sector.
Stefan Krijnen, 5G and IoT specialist at Ericsson, opened the event presenting the 5G Hub and the idea of a growing ecosystem based on co-creation and collaboration around 5G technology possibilities.

Smart Contact Lenses

Gert-Jan Elzinga

Strict.‘s Managing Partner Gert-Jan Elzinga started his presentation (11:45) with an intriguing question: “will there still be hospitals like we know them within five years from now?” Comparing data from 2019 and 2020, he showed how virtual healthcare is a reality: 64% of General Practitioners in the Netherlands have implemented video calling as part of their practice over this year. He also discussed how 5G could improve this sector.

The future of healthcare

Marco Gatti

Showing awe-inspiring numbers, Marco Gatti (26:40), from Ericsson, pointed out that 5G could bring world savings to the reach of $90 billion in the next decade. With a talk on borderless connectivity for healthcare applications, he also highlighted the importance of cooperation in order to achieve these fantastic results.

The future of healthcare

Marcel Damen

Marcel Damen (42:40) showed Horizon Internet Technology‘s Fair Care, a combination of Blockchain and IoT. During his discussion on healthcare budgets’ control, he brought an overview of the Dutch healthcare configuration and explained how 5G could accelerate homecare services.

Simulated Reality

Ioana Mereuta

Closing the event, Ioana Mereuta (57:15) brought Dimenco‘s expertise in Simulated Reality without wearables. She showed possibilities for medical education and for complex, remote surgeries in models where anatomical data becomes indistinguishable from reality.

This exceptional discussion is available on High Tech Campus’ YouTube channel.