Soliton Systems partners with 5G HUB on ultra-low latency innovation

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Soliton Systems partners with 5G HUB on ultra-low latency innovation


Soliton to showcase pioneering possibilities of live streaming over 5G.

Cutting edge innovations will enhance live streams of real-time broadcasts and surveillance equipment.

Ericsson, VodafoneZiggo, High Tech Campus, and Brainport Development unveiled 5G Hub in the Netherlands earlier in 2020, enabling companies to experiment next-generation test applications.


5G Hub and Soliton Systems, a leading manufacturer of video streaming solutions over cellular networks, have announced a partnership with the Ericsson, VodafoneZiggo, High Tech Campus, and Brainport Development 5G Hub, based in Eindhoven, Netherlands, to jointly showcase futuristic applications’ becoming conceivable due to the emergence of 5G.

Soliton’s live-streaming technology is traditionally utilized by broadcasting and law enforcement to live stream real-time news interviews and sports production over bonded cellular networks, or for mobile surveillance from body cameras. With the advent of 5G, coupled with the partnership in the 5G Hub, Soliton will showcase the new pioneering possibilities of live streaming over 5G.

One of Soliton’s major strengths is low latency, which, for example, typically affects the time it takes for live video from a mobile action camera in a remote location to a command and control room. The camera comes with an encoder that compresses the video and then streams it over cellular networks, which traditionally takes a few seconds. Soliton’s solutions are able to bring this down to under a tenth of a second to live stream over long distances.

Go Ito, Commercial Director of Soliton Systems Europe, says: “We are very excited to be working with VodafoneZiggo and Ericsson on the 5G HUB Platform, where we can jointly demonstrate the groundbreaking opportunities that 5G offers. Soliton has always had cutting edge innovation as part of its DNA, and we have always relished the opportunity of pushing technology to the limit. This partnership enables exactly that.”

Stefan Krijnen, Ericsson’s 5G and IoT Business Development Manager and program board member of the 5G Hub, says: “Right from the start there was great chemistry between Soliton Systems and 5G Hub partners. With Soliton’s solution for low-latency video streaming, combined with their control mechanisms, it increases our ability to help the 5G Hub and global ecosystem implement those innovations in domains, such as mobile surveillance, mobile broadcasting, and remote operation—especially since their background is coming from IT Security.”

The emergence of 5G is seen as an enabler for a wide range of new initiatives from vehicle control and improved road safety to IOT and robotics. The expectation of the 5G HUB is to open resources to a wide range of stakeholders and champions so that it will challenge the status quo of how we live our day-to-day lives and push current innovation to another level.
About Soliton Systems

Soliton Systems, headquartered in Japan with offices in Europe, the USA, and China, manufacture a range of encrypted video encoding and security products. Its flagship products, the Smart-Telecaster Zao series, is in use by law enforcement and a wide range of global broadcasters, news, and sport production companies for the ultimate in encrypted live streaming over self-bonded cellular networks. The Zao-S and the Zao-SH solutions are also used for remote operation applications, where ultra-low latency is required, such as for remote driving cars, control of heavy machinery in hazardous environments, and control of drones with full live streaming needs. For more information go to

About 5G HUB

5G HUB is a consortium of four founding fathers; VodafoneZiggo, Ericsson, Brainport Development, and High Tech Campus. Located in High Tech Campus Eindhoven’s building 25.3, the 5G HUB features a testing laboratory, training facilities, and a demo studio with 5G and IoT capabilities to offer companies, startups, and students the chance to explore and co-create the new technology of 5G in practice. For more information go to

About Vodafone Ziggo B.V

VodafoneZiggo is a leading Dutch Company supplying fixed, mobile, and unified communication- and entertainment services to consumers and business customers. Per December 2019 we have well over 5 million mobile, near 4 million tv- more than 3.3 million fixed broadband and 2.4 million fixed telephony customers in the Netherlands. VodafoneZiggo is a 50/50 joint venture between Liberty Global, the world’s largest international tv and broadband company, and Vodafone Group, one of the world’s largest telecommunication service providers. For more information go to

About Ericsson:
Ericsson enables communications service providers to capture the full value of connectivity. The company’s portfolio spans Networks, Digital Services, Managed Services, and Emerging Business and is designed to help our customers go digital, increase efficiency, and find new revenue streams. Ericsson’s investments in innovation have delivered the benefits of telephony and mobile broadband to billions of people around the world. The Ericsson stock is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm and on Nasdaq New York.

About High Tech Campus:

High Tech Campus Eindhoven is the smartest km² in Europe with more than 220 companies and institutes, and 12.000 researchers, developers, and entrepreneurs working on developing future technologies and products. The Campus helps you accelerate your innovation by offering easy access to high tech facilities and international networks. Campus companies strategically decide what knowledge, skills, and R&D facilities they share in order to achieve faster, better, and more customer-oriented innovation in the application fields of Health, Energy, and Smart Environments. Located at the heart of Brainport, Campus companies are responsible for nearly 40% of all Dutch patent applications.

About Brainport Development

Brainport Eindhoven is a technology region in which companies, governments, and educational institutions work together to create a brighter future. Because cooperation is in our nature. There is no place in the world where so many new ideas are generated every day as here. Together we make complex machines and innovative products that make the world a better place. It’s no coincidence that we’re called the smartest region in the world.