5G Hub welcomes Letícia Batista as 5G Hub community manager

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5G Hub welcomes Letícia Batista as 5G Hub community manager

We are thrilled to welcome our new Community Manager – Letícia Batista Da Silva. From September she’ll strengthen our team to support and build the 5G Hub community. As a natural storyteller and with a passion for content writing, she has wide experience in marketing management and community-related endeavors. A Part of that experience she gained the High Tech Campus.

TEXT Expat Spouses Initiative, When we first met her, we didn’t have to think twice!

Letícia will be physically present in the 5G Hub between 09.00 and 17.00. as 5G Hub hostess she will warmly welcome you and show you around. She will also create content to connect with you over social media channels, the website, will organize events and expand our community.

TEXT5G Hub – Full Throttle Ahead. Her first activities will focus on the planned events related to our latest motto: 5G Hub – Full Throttle Ahead.

It goes without saying that Covid-19-related measures are well taken into account. And with Letícia on board, we will certainly prove that the Covid-19 crisis doesn’t stand a chance against our passion for driving 5G-related business innovations.

If you are interested to visit the 5G Hub, in example to learn more about the possibilities 5G will bring, simply write an e-mail to Letica via leticia@5Ghub.nl TEXTLetícia kan door haar een e-mail te sturen: leticia@5ghub.nl.

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